"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

Every year our Diocese comes together to honor youth and adults who devote themselves to the service of others.

Jesse Trentini wants the community to know that a single paycheck can be all that stands between stability and homelessness.

A local effort to collect clothing and personal care items for those in need made a major impact at Johnstown’s Martha & Mary House. Learn what local volunteers collected to make sure homeless shelter residents have what they need.

Extreme cold temperatures earlier this winter have created a crisis situation for the most vulnerable in our Diocesan area. With weeks of winter still ahead, many of your neighbors are running dangerously low on heating oil or facing crippling utility payments for water, gas and electricity. Find out what you can do.

Every year Catholic Charities strives to fulfill as many request for support as possible to make the holidays warmer and brighter for as many as we can—especially families and our neighbors living alone with little resources. Your generosity in 2017 made an impact.

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