"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

Driving through a Pennsylvania countryside or through a local thoroughfare lined with restaurants, it might surprise you that for many individuals and families, a healthy diet is out of reach. In parts of Blair, Bedford, Cambria and Somerset counties, there are fewer grocery stores and other healthy food outlets that offer affordable, nutritious foods--this is especially problematic for neighbors who lack reliable transportation. This problem impacts residents in both urban and rural areas. 

As a result, some individuals and families may rely on quick-stop gas stations or small stores that charge steep mark-ups. just to access some type of meal. Growing children are especially at risk without the proper nutrition provided by fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy options.

The impact of food deserts extends beyond just the people who are directly impacted by lack of access to  healthy food. Healthier communities create healthier economies, and research shows that the development or presence of a grocery store not only improves access to healthy foods but also creates jobs and stimulates additional investment. 

Catholic Charities aims to be part of the solution for individuals and families seeking assistance when they are faced with difficult decisions like seeking medical care, paying a utility bill or buying nutritious food. Your support as a loyal donor can make a difference. Every gift to Catholic Charities goes 100% toward helping an individual or family in need. Together, we can help give neighbors a hand up.

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