"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

The greatest Christmas gift of all is the love we give each other. We want to thank all of you, our faithful Catholic Charities supporters, for the love you have given throughout 2016—both to us and to your neighbors.

Catholic Charities exists because there is always a need for angels on Earth—for God to work miracles through each and every one of us—and we simply could not do it without you. Your donations and support are what make it possible for us to help any and all who might not get help elsewhere. Every single gift you have made throughout the year has made an impact on our community and changed lives.

This Christmas, we ask you to remember your ability to change a life. It’s all too easy to take for granted the things we have that others pray for every day. By giving what you can to Catholic Charities, you will answer the prayers of someone right in your own community. You can make a tax-deductible donation today and give the most meaningful gift there is.

Again, thank you to all for your generosity, support, and love. We hope you have a blessed Christmas.

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