"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

In our communities, some individuals and families are thriving. This can make it easy to overlook the fact that many others are in need. Friends and neighbors—maybe some that you know from church, school, or work—are working hard every day to support their families and to make ends meet. But despite their best efforts, they’re still struggling.

Job loss, injury or illness, underemployment, and lack of affordable childcare are just some of the reasons. Without adequate income, unpaid rent can quickly put a family on the verge of eviction. Unpaid bills can snowball into a situation that seems hopeless. Catholic Charities works to help people through these tough times. Unfortunately, government assistance programs don’t help everyone in need. Some working individuals and families may not qualify, even if they are desperately in need. Maybe you can personally relate to the stories below, or know someone who can…


A Single Mother Who Wants the Best for Her Son

Susan is a single mother of three children. Her young son struggles in school and has been diagnosed with mental health issues. She desperately wants to get him the help he needs, but her health insurance won’t cover counseling and therapy in an office nearby. Wanting to make a good impression at work to keep her job, and also not lose income, Susan struggles daily with worrying how she can manage it all.

Catholic Charities helps Susan and other parents like her get counseling for her son without having to sacrifice time at her job and her already meager income.


A Devoted Son Caring for His Elderly Parents

Joe, the sole caretaker of his elderly parents, works as an independent contractor in the construction field. After a bad accident left him unable to work for several months, he and his parents struggled to pay their monthly bills and growing medical co-pays and medication costs.

Joe and his parents were relieved that the Catholic Charities’ Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) could help cover the costs of medical bills and some medications while Joe is recovering from his accident.


An Elderly Woman Without a Home

Sophia lost her husband several years ago and her physical and mental health has been in decline. She does not have family close by, and her finances were depleted. Bills went unpaid and Sophia was evicted.

Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, Sophia found a safe haven at the Martha and Mary House. Case workers helped her get her finances in order so she could live independently again.


Every day Catholic Charities helps people in our community who reach out to us in their time of need. We give them hope in what may seem like a hopeless situation.

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