"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

To Catholic Charities, your gift means more resources to advance our mission of giving help and hope to neighbors in need.

To our clients, your gift means so much more:

  • The comfort of a safe, warm place to sleep and share family time
  • Access to a refrigerator, stove, water and electricity
  • Support from a caring and respectful caseworker
  • The security of knowing that you care enough to offer a hand up.

Thanks to you, we helped more than 4,072 individuals in 2017!

Many of your neighbors are in crisis as they struggle to pay utility bills for crucial water, electricity and gas.

Energy is an everyday necessity; it provides heat in the winter, air conditioning the summer, lights up our homes and allows us to cook our food. However, for many low-incoming families, seniors and veterans on a fixed income that are contending with the high cost of living, paying energy bills often means making difficult decisions such as choosing between life-saving medicine and keeping the lights on.

With a commitment to one simple, Gospel teaching—to love your neighbor as yourself—donors helped Catholic Charities touch the lives of more than 16,000 people in the past fiscal year. This donor support went directly to your neighbors—families or individuals living in the eight counties of our Diocese.

None of these individuals and families met guidelines for government assistance; many of them are employed, but still struggling just to make ends meet. And they are not alone.

Before our fiscal year ends on June 30, please prayerfully consider a gift to Catholic Charities to help a senior, a family, a veteran, a neighbor who needs a hand-up to afford a basic necessity.

Make an online gift today, or mail your contribution to: Catholic Charities, 1300 12th Avenue, P.O. Box 1349, Altoona, PA 16603.

Every year our Diocese comes together to honor youth and adults who devote themselves to the service of others.

Jesse Trentini wants the community to know that a single paycheck can be all that stands between stability and homelessness.