"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

As spring days continue to warm up and flowers begin to bloom, it's easy to forget the woes of winter. But spring nights can still be very cold, and those without proper heating can suffer the consequences.

Just a few weeks ago, police found an elderly woman who had frozen to death in her sleep in Portage. These saddening headlines are a sobering reminder that at-risk people live all around us. Let's make sure that our neighbors stay warm while the night temps continue to plummet.

Support Catholic Charities as we help continue to provide practical help for those who struggle to heat their homes. As part of our emergency financial assistance, Catholic Charities can help to alleviate an immediate financial crisis and ensure that basic human needs are met in areas like utility terminations, winter heating, emergency shelter and emergency medications.

Thanks to your gifts this year, many people were warmer this winter, but the cold weather isn't over yet. Every day, requests for help continue to pour into Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities wants to help everyone in need, especially vulnerable populations like children, veterans, and seniors.

With your help, we can ensure that all our neighbors have access to the water, gas and electricity that are necessities of life.

Your help is urgently needed. Please consider donating today. You can make a one time donation or set up a recurring gift at, or mail a gift to Catholic Charities, 1300 12th Avenue, P.O. Box 1349, Altoona, PA 16603. Your gift will be designated for the county in which you reside.

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