"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

Catholic Charities recently received a request for aid from a mom who supports herself and her teenage son on $350 per month. In the past, she was able to maintain her apartment and care for her son on this very limited income. Her case worker discovered that she had an incredible understanding of her monthly expenses and payments, was able to budget within her means and has never requested financial assistance in the past.

This year, she received an electric termination notice because she had to use some of her limited income to buy her son new school clothes, as he had completely outgrown everything. Unfortunately, there are currently no local programs that provide free back-to-school clothing and shoes for teenagers.

Catholic Charities was able to stop the electric termination with a $153.83 payment and provided her with $20 grocery gift card to purchase food. Her caseworker is confident that her incredible budgeting skills will soon get her back on track.

Thanks to your support, Catholic Charities is able to help our neighbors when they need it the most.