"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

It might seem like winter’s coming to an end, but weather in western and central Pennsylvania is anything but predictable this time of year. The extreme cold we’ve already experienced created a crisis for many of your neighbors who are now low or have run out of heating oil, or are facing larger-than-anticipated utility payments.

Working individuals in low-wage jobs, seniors and veterans on a fixed income, and children in low-income families are most at risk of being affected by lack of access to heat and water.

Requests to Catholic Charities are growing daily as we crawl toward spring. We want to help everyone who needs it.

If you can, please give to this urgent appeal for your vulnerable neighbor’s health and safety. Gifts of all sizes make a difference for a family or individual facing freezing temperatures, frozen or burst water pipes, or worse.

If you can, show your compassion for the families, children, seniors, and veterans in your community who are working to scrape by on fixed incomes or low wages. Help them keep their heat and utilities on through the winter months. We are grateful for your consideration.