"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

We do our best to make sure that those who are brave enough to reach out to us for help are getting exactly what they need. We have several points of contact to verify need and their background before we get started. We go beyond what happened.

After we have learned more about their needs and their background, we use your generous donations to give back to those in need.

Catholic Charities is a steward of donations. We cultivate a relationship before the donation so we can have an even deeper relationship after they no longer need our help. 

We try to walk a mile in the shoes of every person we help so we can understand what they are going through and what they’ve been through.

How did the person or family end up in this position? Did they go through a divorce? Is there a lack of child support? Has a loved one been hospitalized? Did an unexpected car repair leave them unable to pay their utilities?

Donations like yours make it possible for us to build relationships and put those we help on a path of healing.

Donate now so we can keep being a steward donations. Donate so you can life up your community.





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