"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

Home should be a place where you can come in from the cold. Even before temperatures begin to drop, many of your neighbors are already worrying about how they’ll keep their families warm all winter. Unfortunately this worry isn’t unfounded.

This year, the LIHEAP winter assistance program is scheduled to start later—November 28 instead of November 21— due to the potential decrease in funding from the federal government. What does this mean?

Catholic Charities is anticipating an increase in individuals and families approaching us in late fall and early winter to get a minimum fuel delivery. That’s why we’re seeking early support for our Emergency Financial Assistance program.

Your donation could keep a child from shivering through a restless night’s sleep, or help a senior stay warm all day when temperatures start to dip. Cold is also especially difficult for our neighbors who are already suffering through the discomfort of a chronic illness.

Together we can make sure our neighbors and friends struggling with financial stability don’t have to choose between food and their heating bill, or medication and heating oil. Give here now to keep our community’s most vulnerable warm all winter.

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