"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

The working poor—many of Catholic Charities’ clients—work one, sometimes two jobs, but their take-home barely covers bills and basic necessities. At the end of the month, there’s nothing left to save for an unexpected medical expense or home appliance repair. They earn just enough to get by, but too much to qualify for assistance.

The working poor live day-to-day on the edge of hunger, eviction, or homelessness.

Thanks to you, and generous donations from others who care about the well-being of their neighbors, Catholic Charities helps individuals and families avoid financial disaster by providing one-time emergency assistance. The average request we fulfill is $185—a small amount to help someone keep the heat on or stay in their home.

Along with you, we can lift more families out of desperation. Your donation will go directly to a household in your community that urgently needs help. Help they can’t get anywhere else.

Will you give a little to help a neighbor avoid losing it all? Your generosity goes a long way.

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